Wednesday 06 June 2018


In Indonesia, massage likes a secret weapon to make the body fresh again. Moreover, massage has many benefits, namely:

Massage is a relaxation and medication technique which has been celebrated since thousands of years ago. In Indonesia, massage likes a secret weapon to make the body fresh again.  Moreover, massage has many benefits, namely:


1. Improve Blood Circulation

A massage can improve the blood circulation, so it helps the heart to pump more blood into the body. It triggers more oxygen and significant nutrition distributed to vital organ and other tissues.


2. Relieve Stress

A massage can be the best choice to relieve stress. According to the research, cortisol which is the stress triggering hormone can decrease after a massage session.


3. Improve immunity

As explained above, the stress triggering hormone (cortisol) will decrease after you have a massage. Cortisol is also responsible for damaged immunity cells. By lowering the cortisol content, the body immunity system will work better and the massage can improve advantageous leucocytes to increase your body immunity system.


4. Regulate the Blood Pressure

A massage session can also help in lowering the high blood pressure, because the massage assists in stimulating blood pressure regulating cells in brain. Thus, it can better regulate the blood pressure.


5. Reduce Pains

The main purpose of massage is to reduce pains and soothe your body. From a good massage, you can eliminate many pains, such as abdominal cramps, pains from excessive muscle use, muscle spasm (cramp), relieve joint pain, and improve joint flexibility. The massage can release endorphin hormone, which is natural hormone to reduce pains and calm the body.


6.  Relieve Anxiety & Pressure

A massage can help you feel better, because a good massage session can release many chemicals, such as endorphin and oxytocin, which make your body calmer and relieved from many pressures, anxieties, and depressions.


7.  Significantly Help Patients suffering from Joint Pain

A massage can help to reduce pains in arthritis or osteoarthritis patients. The massage session will help to cut muscle stiffness, relieve pains, and promote better joint movement.


For a maximal result, use an active substance to help you in a massage. This active substance will be significantly useful because it contains elements necessary for the body and facilitate such massage. One of the suitable substances is GPU Krim, i.e. the first cream for rubbing and massage.


GPU Krim has a special formula which is non-sticky, non-oily, leaves no stains, easily absorbed, and proper slickness. 3 distinctive aroma choices are available, i.e. ginger, citronella, and nutmeg oil. GPU Krim is really suitable for you who want a different massage.